Certified CHiNOSIS Coach Training

The revived Registered CHiNOSIS Coach
certification course

Hi there,

it’s Jonathan, first thanks for getting here, and for whatever reason I hope you see the benefit of gaining knowledge in this easy and effective method.

Saturday 6th of April; I was admitted into Torbay Hospital with Atrial Fibrillation, means my heart was doing the Riverdance!

It is okay now but, thanks to one of my quadruple heart bypasses collapsing; meaning I’m firing on three cylinders; it WILL happen again because of pure mechanics. Life has a habit of happening to us like that.

So, Jane and I have talked things over and have decided to re-start Registered Chinosis Coach training again because that is something Jane can easily continue on her own if I became too ill, old, stupid or just plain lazy to do anything else LOL.

So what is CHiNOSIS?

We developed Chinosis in 1999 which helped Jane get over 35 years of Social Anxiety Disorder in ten minutes, over a fish pie in a pub. It quickly became recognised as a fast and simple system for emotional self control and performance. 

It’s an eclectic mix of methods from energy psychologies from Shiatsu Massage and our own developed Neuro-symbolism.

CHiNOSIS doesn’t require trance, or relaxation, gives actual physical feedback as to where the baggage and blocks are; and was designed to be taught to clients 1 on 1, as couples or as a 1 to many workshop.

And, we believe most importantly, it can be used to focus on goal achievement and energising attainment rather than purely as way to therapist problems.

Shiatsu is a gentle Meridian Point stimulation – *I* found the tapping stuff around at the time to be uncomfortable, often inaccurate, and stoped me getting feedback from my meridians so I knew it was working.

We added the Hypnotic Neuro-Symbolism I’d been using and developing since around ’87, I didn’t get on with the NLP approach used by most of the meridian therapists, it felt like Jane once said of NLP, “It’s like intellectualising sex!” Your subconscious thinks in patterns and symbols and if you use that you don’t even need to know what problem is to change it.

Doesn’t need belief

I was looking for a replacement for so called ‘self hypnosis’ that  didn’t require anywhere specially quiet, didn’t need trance, doesn’t need years of dedicated practice and actually didn’t need belief…

I don’t care if you disbelieve in Chi, meridians – the lines of ‘energy’ flow observed for the last 7,000 years by people using them because they work.

I don’t care because Chinosis works to readjust whatever is causing the problem in around 80-90% of things thrown at  it. And no it doesn’t always ‘cure’ but it can and does make having something a lot more comfortable. Which as a wheelchair user with a neuromuscular condition I can personally guarantee.

It certainly worked with helping us to decide to revive training people in it, used it Sunday to get to a point where we are not in the way of making a decision on how to focus our own energy… it worked even though we couldn’t make our minds up what to for the best!

It helped these people too…

Chinosis case samples:


“Firstly, we would like to CONGRATULATE you for the CHINOSIS document we accessed through your website. Your 3 prong approach, meridian therapy, use of neuro-symbolism and clearing of chi energy through feng shui I believe is the primary reason why you can claim your system is THE SIMPLEST yet THE MOST EFFECTIVE SYSTEM available in this decade of the 21st century.

We are a group of retirees from the Philippines coming from both the govt and private firms who are doing healing outreach programs for the less fortunate members of our
society. We try to help the citizenry by teaching them various forms of alternative medicine like reflexology and acupressure..

We searched the internet for more information and we met you. You were a STANDOUT.

we will continue to pray that God shall give you a long long life for you have a very wonderful healing ministry.”

From: George Henry

“I thought you would be interested in a report, since I have had your
 manual for a week or two now.

I often use Chinosis in bed before going to sleep, addressing whatever issue is troubling me most at the moment.

 So far my most troublesome issues have been jealousy and insecurity
regarding my romantic relationship. Chinosis does seem to have helped in 
these areas.

While in the process of using Chinosis, I can feel a definite change in my
 psychological state – relaxation and a sense of empowerment, which persist
 for a while after I complete the exercise. I feel the technique would be
 worth using for this effect alone, even if it had no more profound and
 lasting benefits.

 So, thank you for teaching me something useful. I enthusiastically
support, commend and recommend your work, based on my experience so far.”

From: Lisa Sparks

“I would like to thank you for introducing me to Chinosis. After a very traumatic year, of a marriage break up and having to deal with a very private, life long problem I needed help with sorting out my personal “emotional clutter!” After other methods of help had failed I turned to your method of Chinosis.

After just one session I felt like a tremendous burden had been lifted off my shoulders. During the last few months after receiving your help I have felt much happier with myself, and my life. I have used chinosis for myself on subsequent occasions when I have felt low, and it has always been a wonderful assistance in my life.

Thank you once again for giving me a life long tool that I will always use as a practical instrument to help me through life’s problems.”

And NOW >>>

We are now reflecting the simplicity of the system in the way we are teaching it, both for those who just wish to understand and use it to take control of their own lives and those who wish to go a little further and become a Registered CHinosis Coach [RChiC].

There is a single simple system and whatever your reason for attending, this is more than sufficient for you to get to know this easy to use system.

We use CHiNOSIS itself to accelerate your learning curve.

 So, we’re launching the first of our Registered CHiNOSIS Coach certification courses.

So, June 2019 we’re launching the first of our new Registered CHiNOSIS Coach certification courses. There will be 2 days LIVE training in the ancient city of Exeter, Devon UK. Only 3 hours away from London by train, direct flights from many airports to Exeter.

Followed up with 30 days Professional and Part-time training in everything from combining Chinosis into coaching and consulting, to running workshops… too many people just teach method with no strategy to make use of it in the real world.

>>See below for the schedule<<

As this is the first of these we’re charging a fee commensurate with this being a ‘Beta’ style event – it may still have a few wrinkles.

The simplicity of the system means that It compliments and enhances any other method you currently use, even if you’ve never used an energy psychology method before.

So simple a 9 year old can use it – and they have!

Life doesn’t come with a guarantee but happily CHiNOSIS does.

If CHiNOSIS doesn’t work for You positively during the training, then your investment will be returned.

We’d love to see you there 

And finally the cost – £666 for the full 30 day Certification and 1st year membership of the Network… or three easier payments of £222.

VENUE: Jury’s Inn, Western Way Exeter. EX1 2DB (Lunch & Refreshments included)

DATE: 15th – 16th June 2019

**NOTE: If these dates are not possible for you because you can’t get to Exeter, or you’re in another country and the travel will be difficult then PLEASE contact us, as we have a solution.**

Day 1:
You’ll be taken through a workshop so that you can feel the benefits of the CHiNOSIS method to remove blocks and get your energies right.

Day 2:
This will be how you deliver CHiNOSIS to your clients. Taking you through the steps, your language and what to expect.

30 Day follow up using Live Zoom rooms – Strategise – Professional and Part-time training in everything from combining CHiNOSIS into coaching and consulting, to running workshops… too many people just teach method with no strategy to make use of it in the real world.

*** Please NOTE: These prices available only for our June course 2019

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