CHiNOSIS™ uniquely combines Hypnotic Symbolism with the body’s intricate system of meridian/energy points. This powerful combination allows the mind to let go of blocks and negative feelings, fast-tracking you towards success in whatever area you’re working on.

But you don’t have to work just with issues. You can turn this technique around and use it to drive you towards your goals or targets rather than away from your issues. The versatility of CHiNOSIS™ allows you to use it whichever way you want.

Developed in 1999 by “Britain’s Leading Hypnotist” Mail on Sunday Jonathan Chase and then perfected and worked on with Jane Bregazzi, that set off a business and life partnership.

It’s called ‘content free‘ because it’s internal, directly related to your subconscious, so the Coach doesn’t need to know what’s affecting the person because the mind of the person already knows. You and They just can’t find it, with out the help of inner knowledge.

CHiNOSIS helps you get in touch with yourself.


Q. You use the word “ritual” in the video – what do you mean by this?

A. Ritual is another way of saying habitual. Chinosis is ritualised like Tai Chi, yoga meditation. It just makes it easer to remember and do.

Q. How does Chinosis differ from NLP or other techniques which use symbols to overcome patterns of behaviour?

A. Chinosis doesn’t presume that everyone works the same way – our technique allows people to focus on their own goals or issues and does not work in the same generalist way as hypnosis or NLP.

Q. Why do you believe your system is so effective? What proof do you have?

A. If the power is in your hands, you are in control of using the technique when you need it. Therefore Chinosis is only effective if the user is focused on the change they want to make.

We have several case studies of people who have benefited from the technique to overcome a variety of problems as well as achieve long held goals.

Q. In the tutorial Jane Bregazzi claims that Chinosis cured her hyperactive thyroid problem. Are you claiming that Chinosis cures all medical ailments?

A. She doesn’t. She tells how Chinosis removed her fears and stress, the thyroid was a symptom and just went away.

We don’t claim anything for Chinosis but it takes ten minutes to find out if it will beneficially affect a condition, so why not try it? Some studies suggest that a contributor to any medical cure is the attitude of the patient so changing your mind may help.

Q. If Chinosis is a self-applied technique, why do you have trainers too?

A. Sometimes people find it easier to be guided through the hypnotic focus part of Chinosis and Chinosis coaches are available to them to help with this. Our wall chart shows the points on where to apply acupressure to shift your energies, but again, Chinosis coaches are on hand to allay any fears our clients may be feeling about this.

We are sure that through our online tutorials, DVDs and books that our clients will not need additional help but it’s available if it will help them get more out of the technique.

Also, Chinosis works well alongside other approaches and coaches can use these techniques to aid a traditional course of therapy or self development.

Q. Is it really right to use a teenager to help promote your product?

A. Clarry (she was a teenager in our video 2006) attended a Chinosis workshop with her mother, Lisa. We do not actively promote our product to children, however it is harmless and we believe that with parental consent and guidance, young people can also benefit from the power of Chinosis. Elaine Hodgins often uses it as a specialist children’s therapist.

Q. Who would/does endorse your product?

A. We have clients all over the world who would be happy to put their name behind our product. However, many of our better known clientele would rather not make public their need for coaching and as such we are unable to provide you with a full list of everyone who has used Chinosis for personal development.