Just a few of the Testimonials and Endorsements out of the hundreds we have and the many interesting and lovely people we have had the pleasure of meeting over the last 15 years

"It put's people's lives back in their own hands."
Karen Hope
Hypnotist, R.Chi.C, Fellow AHA
“It's been a miracle worker for me. . . Just do it. Fabulous! ”
Pat Jennings
Hypnotist, R.Chi.C
"Chinosis has changed my life in a dramatic way that most other 
methods never could!"
Jem Pope
Sales Coach & Trainer
“I have been on many NLP and other developmental training programmes looking for effective strategies to use with my coaching. Jon's course not only gave me those strategies - but they are faster & more reliable than I expected - I cannot recommend this training enough  Thanks”
Mike Morrison #hypnoarts #chinosis
Mike Morrison
RapidBI Professional Consultancy
“I'd just like to say what a wonderful course it was. I think you probably noticed a change in me. I certainly did and would go so far as to say it was profound. When you are sharing emotions you start to realise that this is no ordinary course.”
David Heath #chinosis #hypnoarts
David Heath
Athletics Trainer
"To constantly be at the top of your profession calls for a focused responsive open mind. Jon will not only help you reach that point, he will teach you how to develop your mind to maintain the equilibrium between creativity, innovation and focus."
Mike Barnes #hypnoarts #chinosis
Mike Barnes
Business Development Consultant
“A very big thankyou. I feel honoured to have taken part in your training and look forward to working with you further.”
Pam Trott
Hypnotist, R.Chi.C
"Just want to thank you so much for a truly memorable, extraordinary 
Den Laithwaite #hypnoarts
Den Laithwaite
Airline Captain
"Everyone should learn Chinosis as a way of achieving what they want - whether that's more confidence, peace of mind, a better night's sleep, or their heartfelt dream."
Sharon Stiles
Hypnotist, R.Chi.C, Fellow AHA
“Jonathan Chase is a brilliant hypnotist and personal development conduit. Jon and Jane's innovative Chinosis technique has revolutionized my ability to harness the creative power in my life in a very practical and easy to follow way. Magic.” 
Mumta Ito #chinosis
Mumta Ito
Founder/CEO at Nature's Rights
"Thank you Jonathan Chase and Jane Bregazzi...every course I attend (yours or others) simply serves to remind me that you are at the very top of your field and I am very lucky to know and be involved with you both."
Tim Box #hypnoarts #chinosis #control
Tim Box
Remedial Hypnotist CONTROL system developer
"Since doing Jon and Janes course my life has changed completely. I used to fly around the world as a glamourous (but aging) stewardess and I loved it... I am now earning more money from my practice then I am from the airline! so...thank you Jon and Jane, and yes, I have done other courses...not a patch on yours (and certainly not as much fun!!) "
Elaine Hodgins #hypnoarts #chinosis
Elaine Hodgins
Children's eating disorder specialist, Harley Street, and Reading